Turmeric (Haldi) Spice May Cure Alzheimer’s

A “Medicine hunter” working for Fox news has been expounding the medicinal benefits of turmeric root. Chris Kilham is an ethnobotonist which means he researches and analyses ethnically growing herbs, spices and other plants. Turmeric root has been the focus of his latest exploits and especially because the root is praised for so many health benefits.

In particular, turmeric root appears to both prevent Alzheimer’s from developing and even cure it. Kilham explained, saying: “People who develop Alzheimer’s disease get a sticky plaque in the brain called amyloid beta.” These plaques are either the cause of Alzheimer’s or they are produced as a result of the disease and as such are directly connected to the process of degeneration.

Turmeric root is able to eradicate the plaques, whether they are in their advanced stages or if they have only just started developing. “What we have in turmeric is something that appears to inhibit the development of Alzheimer’s disease…and actually help to reduce the occurrence of plaque in the brain if you have it,” described Kilham.

Kilham further expanded his observations, saying: “In countries where people consume a lot of turmeric, there’s a very low incidence of Alzheimer’s disease,” and for that reason “In India and Southeast Asia, it’s a rare disease. And in the U.S. it’s very, very common.”

Studies of different people groups has already revealed that the groups who eat a lot of turmeric hardly ever get Alzheimer’s disease. Another example is from studies of animals. “We know in animal studies, when animals actually have amyloid beta plaque in their brains and they’re given turmeric root…that plaque is reduced,” said Kilham.

The drug companies are trying very hard to create pharmaceutical versions of turmeric because the “turmeric root “term cannot be patented. However, eating raw and natural turmeric is the best way to take it. Second best is as supplements.

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