Jeffrey Negron aka Jiva Pavana dasa

Over 5 years ago after a bout of kidney stones I was diagnosed with a very rare blood disorder called Hairy Cell Leukemia. After much research I decided to avoid chemotherapy and opted for several natural cures. In due course I realised that I needed to place myself under an authorised natural medical practitioner of some sort. I went to see Dr Sharma in London. He was very honest and said that although he couldn't promise to CURE my cancer that he could help me manage it. Now beyond the the years promised by Chemotherapy Dr Sharma has successfully helped me to live a happy active healthy life without any of the devastating side effects I would have suffered with Chemotherapy. I'm very grateful for his simple regime of diet and herbs which has greatly prolonged not only the length of my life but it's quality as well.''
May the Lord bless him.