Exercise Relieves Depression and Migraines

A recent study has revealed that people suffering from migraines can get substantial relief via exercise. In fact not only exercise but relaxation has shown to reduce the occurrence of migraine too.
The study involved 30 female volunteers who suffered from migraines and depression. They were asked to perform regular exercises and relaxation sessions. The exercisers were aerobic and lasted for 45 minutes along with a 15 minute session of progressive muscle relaxation therapy. They had this twice a week.
Six weeks later the women said they experienced significantly less migraine attacks or bouts of depression as opposed to the control group of women who remained on their standard migraine treatment.
Experts suggested that the exercise was not able to eliminate the migraine pain but it did reduce the severity of it. The study leaders said that they were unsure why the women experienced the relief that they did, but they speculated that it was due to the enhanced self-efficacy that the women experienced from the exercise sessions.
The frequency and intensity of migraines is also linked to the risk of stroke, so any means to reduce the level or frequency is given importance.
Out of the entire population it is estimated that 28% will have a migraine attack at some time in their lives. Annually, between 14% and 35% of adult women will experience at least one migraine attack, whereas for men that figure is between 6% and 15%.
The study was conducted by scientists from the Innsbrook Medical University with the full details and results published in the Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine.

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