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Meat eating and Prostate Cancer

Meat Eating Heightens Prostate Cancer Risk Collated results from 12 previous studies indicate that meat eating increases the risk of prostate cancer. The study conducted by Andrew Roddam from Oxford University looked into the data gleaned fro studies involving 3,700 men with prostrate cancer and another 5,200 as a control who did not have the…

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Indian Traditional Medical Formulations Documentation

India logs over 2 lakh traditional medical formulations (From: Times of India)10 Feb 2009, 0120 hrs IST, Kounteya Sinha, TNN In what is the world’s first Traditional Knowledge Digital Library (TKDL), India has completed documenting over two lakh medical formulations of Ayurveda, Siddha and Unani to save them from piracy. After eight years of toil,…

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Exercise relieves Depression & Migraine

Exercise Relieves Depression and Migraines A recent study has revealed that people suffering from migraines can get substantial relief via exercise. In fact not only exercise but relaxation has shown to reduce the occurrence of migraine too. The study involved 30 female volunteers who suffered from migraines and depression. They were asked to perform regular…

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Diabetes soar in U.K.

The UK is seeing an explosion of diabetes linked to growing obesity rates, experts are warning. From 1997 to 2003 there was a 74% rise in new cases of diabetes. And by 2005, more than 4% of the population was classed as having diabetes – nearly double the rate of 10 years earlier. The bulk…

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Ayurveda – The Original Medicine of India

UNDERSTANDING AYURVEDA – The Original Medicine of India The Divine creation of the eternal macrocosm is the most precious Divine gift and Life is its quintessence. Entire cosmos has originated from the basic substances – The Panchmahabhutas (Sky, Air, Fire, Water & Earth). Ayurveda – The world’s oldest science of healing, is the Divine-largess to…

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